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The main objective of this workshop is to bring together people from the exoplanet and stellar communities working on this topic, with particular emphasis on the work to be done in the context of the ESA PLATO mission. 

The limb-darling parameter is nowadays an essential ingredient in stellar and planetary studies, hence the importance of this dedicated WP for the scientific preparation and future exploitation of the PLATO space mission. This parameter is frequently found during the exoplanetary transits’ fitting process. In this workshop we will discuss about alternative methods to determine the limb-darkening that help us to validate the values obtained. 
Moreover, precise knowledge of limb-darkening is also crucial for the accurate determination of interferometric radius of the stars hosting planets. This raises some open questions that will discussed in the workshop, like,  the precision/accuracty of the limb-darkening parameter, the nature of the limb-darkening used, or the impact on the uncertainty in the stellar radius and thereby in the planet radius.

All presentations are now available HERE


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